Step 1: Browse safely

Block trackers and malicious cookies

Step 2: Crumbs helps you to stay anonymous

Protect your identity with email forwarding

Step 3: Choose your interests

Get rid of annoying cookie walls and pop-ups

Step 4: You are in control of your data

Have transparent and visualized control of your data

Block Cookies and Trackers
Privacy, built in.

Crumbs checks all the right boxes when it comes to your privacy. As you browse, Crumbs’ privacy tools work to keep your identity safe by:

Blocking trackers and tracking-cookies
Stripping the URLs of tracking parameters
Sending the right privacy signals (Do Not Track and Global Privacy Control)
Crumbs Email Relay
Your email is a key to your identity, protect it.

Protect yourself from being tracked across websites based on your primary email address. Hiding your email with an email alias helps you avoid some common pains of online life:

Prevent cross-site tracking
Subscribe to content walls quickly
Prevent data breaches if a service leaks your password
Hide yourself from spam - if your alias gets sold you can put it on pause
Block Cookies
Cookie pop-ups, be gone!

Activate the Crumbs Cookie Consent Management and automatically ignore common cookie walls all over the internet.

The new age of privacy

Welcome to the new age of privacy, where users are in control of their online identity. Crumbs Interests fosters a privacy-preserving, user-friendly, and transparent internet that supports content creation and helps keep the internet free for all.

Step 1: Browse safely
Step 1

By browsing the internet you might reveal some of your private interests or personal data

Step 2: Crumbs helps you to stay anonymous
Step 2

Crumbs takes that information and anonymizes it and protects you from trackers online

Step 3: Choose your interests
Step 3

Crumbs creates Interests, a broad categorization of your personal data so it can no longer be used to identify you

Ready for more privacy?

It's easy! Just add the Crumbs extension to your favorite browser.